Global Vision CPA Limited

Global Vision (“GV”) is a brand held by a company incorporated in HKSAR under Companies Ordinance (Cap622 Hong Kong Law). GV mainly acts as a facilitator in liaison with GV members firms for their benefit but does not provide any services to clients directly. All professional services are provided by the respective member firms themselves in their own jurisdictions.

The professional services provided GV member firms include but not limit to those services of statutory audit; assurance; corporate secretarial services and tax compliance. Each member firms are separate legal entity in their own jurisdiction regulated by their local law. All member firms are providing services to their own clients independently and being responsible to their own legal liability.

Within GV organization, all member firms commit to the same quality standards and uphold the same values when providing services to clients
Unless expressly states the contrary, within such website, GV is referring to the intangible brand only, but not collectively represents its members firms as a whole. Each member firm’s act does not bind other member firms.

Global Vision CPA Limited is one of the member firm which was established in Hong Kong in year 2015 under Cap.622 Companies Ordinance and Cap.50 Professional Accountants Ordinance, which is regulated by Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Accounting and Financial Reporting Council (

Nearly two decades before in year 2004, Eden Pro Services Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong with holding a TCSP license (Trust or Company Services Provider), which grant the permission to the company to provide corporate services to its clients in Hong Kong.

Subsequently, Affluence Account Services Limited and KV Pro Services Limited were incorporated in order to provide diversified professional servies which includes but not limited to company incorporation; taxation, pre-IPO advisory, corporate financing and voluntary winding up services.

Over the years, we have growing up expeditiously from a small firm with 2 staffs into a fairly sizable group with about 50 full-time staffs including 9 qualified accountants, and one Chartered Secretary. With our high calibre professionals, our group is able to provide full range of corporate services to our clients across the world.

Our Values as Professional

  • Achievement is important to us. We like the feeling of accomplishment from our work by using our strongest abilities
  • Independence is overwhelmingly concerned by us specially in provision of
    assurance services
  • Integrity and honesty are vital important to us whenever providing all kind of services to clients
  • We like to work in jobs which enable us to advance, being recognized by clients
  • We prefer work in a friendly, non-competitive, financial sustainable market
  • We treat our employees fairly and have mentors who will back them up.
  • Providing pleasure working conditions and steady employment to our staffs.
    We strike for work life balance.

Awards & Recognition

Speech from Chairman

We are committed to becoming one of the Hong Kong's leading Chinese accounting firms. We tailor our professional services for our clients in a way which would help them to improve their financial performance, capitalize on opportunities for growth and manage risks. We aim to assist our clients to achieve their full potential and objectives.