1. Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting:

    An issuer must publish its ESG report on an annual basis and regarding the same period covered in its annual report. An ESG report may be presented as information in the issuer’s annual report or in a separate report. Regardless of the format adopted, the ESG report must be published on the Exchange’s website and the issuer’s website.
  2. Reporting Principles in the preparation of the ESG report:

    Materiality: The ESG report should disclose: (i) the process to identify and the criteria for the selection of material ESG factors; (ii) if a stakeholder engagement is conducted, a description of significant stakeholders identified, and the process and results of the issuer’s stakeholder engagement.
  3. Quantitative

    Information on the standards, methodologies, assumptions and/or calculation tools used, and source of conversion factors used, for the reporting of emissions/energy consumption (where applicable) should be disclosed.
  4. Consistency

    The issuer should disclose in the ESG report any changes to the methods or KPIs used, or any other relevant factors affecting a meaningful comparison.