Structure of a Hong Kong Limited Company

Shareholder—-Must at least has one shareholder. A shareholder can be a natural person being whatever nationality or a corporation whichever country it incorporated in.

Director—-Must at least has a natural person to fill up the position of director. Any person who achieves the age of 18 and with a sound mind can be a director of a company. There is no specific nationality of a person is disallowed to become a director.
A company incorporated in any country also can act as a director provided that the company must already has a natural person acting as director.

Company Secretary—-Must has a person or a Hong Kong Company be appointed as Company Secretary. If a natural person is appointed, such person shall be ordinary resides in Hong Kong. If a company is appointed, such company shall have it own registered office address or business address located in Hong Kong. If company has two or more directors, one of them is able to acted as Company Secretary as they wish.