Pricing Table
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Acting as Company Secretary throughout the first year
Establishment of Register of Members
Establishment of Register of Directors
Establishment of Significant Controllers Register (SCR)
Designated representative
One set Certified True Copy of company documents by CPA for bank account opening
Preparation Minutes for First Director Meeting
Share Certificates
Company chops
Registered office address
Keeping soft copy of Statutory Record

Processing Time

The procedure for incorporation a Hong Kong limited company.

It takes about 24 hours for e-incorporation; 3 working days for buying a shelf company; 7 working days for wholly new incorporation by submission of hard copy documents to Hong Kong Government.

Documents required | HKID / Passport; Residential address proof for all directors and shareholders.

  1. Provide your HKID card (for Hong Kong permanent resident) / Oversea Passport (for foreigner or non-permanent Hong Kong resident) and residential address proof (such as recently issued bank statement, telephone bills which can show your name and address in English or Chinese. If not English or Chinese, you need to translate the document into English) copy by email.
  2. Company share capital will be defaulted as HK$1 or HK$10,000. If such arrangement does not fit for your planning, please let us know expressly.
  3. We need 50% total invoice amount as initial deposit to our company bank account.
  4. Upon receipt the deposit, we will prepare documents for your signing, it takes about two working days
  5. We will send the signing documents to you by email, you can print them out and sign, then send us back the signed ORIGINAL
  6. Meanwhile, if you can come to our office in person for documents singing, then we will conduct a simple face to face interview with you, to verify your identity (HKID card / Oversea Passport and address proof) and ask you some simple questions such as “source of wealth / fund”, nature of the company business. Such part Due Diligent procedure is free of charge.
  7. Before we submit the application documents to Hong Kong government, in case you cannot come to our office in person for such identity verification procedure, then you need to engage a CPA / Lawyer / Notary Public to do a certify for your identity documents and address proof. Only FATF counties CPA / Lawyer can do such certify.
  8. Upon submission to Hong Kong government, it takes about 24 hours (for e-incorporation); 3 working days (for buying a shelf company) or 7 working days (by submission of hard copy) for incorporation.
  9. After incorporation, but before sending the original company documents to you, we need the balance payment to be transferred to our bank a/c