Merger & acquisition

During the activities of Merger & acquisition (“M&A”), the following advisors are typically involved in a transaction. Those are corporate lawyers; accountant; valuer and tax advisor.
As a corporate lawyer, he may offer a strategic legal advice to either the seller or buyer and assisting them in negotiation with the opponent party. Furthermore, conduct legal due diligence of the target company in order to ensure it compliance with all applicable law and regulations. For instance, lawyer may do a litigation search whether the company had or being sued by other parties.

With the consent of the target company, generally a practicing certified public accountant will be engaged to conduct a financial due diligent to such target in order to form a reasonable assurance to the company financial statements in respect to the target company past performance, the financial position at a point of time when it to be acquired.

In case of amalgamation specially involves varies jurisdictions, an independent tax advisor may be engaged to evaluate the tax impact after the M&A to acquiror and the target company. Sometimes, M&A may imply a global tax planning actually. And the tax effect can be a huge amount of money.